Jul 23, 2013

Are you sprinting east to see a sunset?

Can you handle my shortest post ever?!?!?!  I don't know if I can.  Can you handle two posts in two days?!?!?!?!  It's out of CONTROL.  I'm on FIRE!

What do we all really want out of life?  You might say fulfillment.  Growth.  Spiritual enlightenment.  A suitcase full of gangster cash.  So many answers, so little time.

But don't we all have at least one desire in common?  Happiness.  Who wants to be a sad sack, a human puddle, the flesh-and-blood equivalent of a scoop of ice cream tumbling out of its cone onto a pile of sawdust?  Nobody.

"I know I want to be happy, but I just don't know how," whined the big whiner inside all of us.  Here's an experiment.  Listen to this song four or five times in a row:

The How of Happiness Song

Put it on your touchy-touch phone device, set phasers on repeat, and jam out.  Stand up, let your hips move to the groove, make that goofy face that you always make on the dance floor when you know the club is too dark for other people to really see you making that goofy face.  You know the face I'm talking about, the one that says, "You all know I'm smoothe."

And then listen.  Let the words in.  It's strategy on a platter.  And we all need a good strategy.  As one of my mentors (that Robbins guy again) says, "If you're running east looking for a sunset, you're in trouble!"

After your fourth or fifth time listening to the song, run and get a pen and paper.  Run!  Write down three ideas that you got from the song that you can easily include in your daily activities.  Listen to the song a couple more times if you need to - don't forget to get groovy.

Post your list in as many places as you can so you see it often.

Then take action!  That's it: desire + strategy + action.  Rock it out!  Kick some heiney!

I'm doing this now.  I'll post my list soon.  Anyone else care to share theirs?

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